Nature Nearby is a multimedia book for the iPad, currently in progress. The book is about nature close to home: In your backyard, around your park, or accessible by day trip. What is the cast of characters and how do you find them? Could there be a slime mold or two just outside your doorstep? And what is that splash of green on a tree trunk? moss? algae? lichen? Action surrounds you – birds are defining territories with fence posts of song, cuckoo bees are parasitizing the nests of solitary bees, trees are forming from thin air… Explore nature’s complexity and beauty in Nature Nearby.


Hummingbirds: Living Jewels

Video copyright Anne M Rosenthal

Hummingbirds, the flying jewels of the Americas, have long captivated hearts and minds with their shimmering plumage and acrobatic maneuvers. Hovering flight, specialized feeding habits, and iridescent feathers make the members of the family Trochilidae some of the most unique and fascinating types of birds.

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Sea Otters

Video copyright Anne M Rosenthal

One of the most iconic images of ocean life is a sea otter floating on its back, with a rock on its chest and a clam in its paws. Indeed, the sea otter’s fluffy fur and cute behavior have made it one of the most popular marine animals. But the sea otter isn’t just cute – it’s a mammal highly adapted to living in the ocean, possessing a wide diet, complex social life, and optimistic conservation status.

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Videos copyright Anne M Rosenthal.